Award patches, Badge or Banner patches, even extra-large jacket patches for your motorcycle group! We offer a range of sizes and styles sure to fit your need!
Step by step patch building

Step-by-step Patch Building

Common Sizes

Pick Your Process

We have 3 primary patch styles available.
This is the traditional style that comes to mind when thinking of patches. Embroidered threaded detail.
With this style we print the design onto a twill backing. This is a good choice when the level of detail needed cannot be achieved with embroidery. This method allows for smaller printed text and detail. We can even print photo imagery. This patch has a lower perceived value, but with few limitations and low cost.
Sublimation on Embroidery
The best of both worlds. Embroider all the large details to achieve that textured look and then print the fine details on the surface. Take advantage of this process simply for legibility or to achieve maximum level artistic detail and texture at once.

Choose Your Backing

There are 4 Backings To Choose From
Heat Seal
Only for sizes 2" and below
No Backing

Metallic Thread

Upgrade some of your thread to metallic for an added pop.
Gold, Silver, Copper, red, green, blue, pink, and purple are available!

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Challenge Coins with Gold Caliber

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