Challenge Coins

Unite with a solid, time-honored challenge coin. Nothing signifies strength and solidarity more than dropping a creative, intricately crafted, weighty cut of alloy in your partner’s hand.

Step-by-step Coin Construction

Choose a Size

Most challenge coins are 1.5” or 1.75”, while the 2” size is still common. However, we can produce just about any size you would like. We have 5” coins on our shelves!


The color of the metal will have a significant impact on your design. Bright and shiny options provide a polished, high value look while antique options deliver greater contrast and detail.
Polished Gold
Polished Nickel
Polished Copper
Antique Brass
Antique Nickel
Antique Copper
Black Nickel
Dual Plating

2D vs 3D

An often somewhat difficult concept for new customers to understand is the difference between a 2D and a 3D design, however this explanation should help! 2D indicates there are only 2 levels of metal that exist and both of those levels have flat surfaces. 3D has more than just 2 levels. In fact, it normally has many levels and oftentimes they are not flat. They have a sloping effect. 3D designs are more contoured or sculpted, for greater detail.

Enamel Choices

Soft enamel is the common choice, while hard enamel works well when a refined and diplomatic look is desired.
Soft (Recessed)
Hard (Smooth Surface)
Glow In The Dark


Give your coin the edge with this sharp looking upgrade!


Other great ways to make your coin stand out.
3D - Extra Dimension
Laser Engraved Numbering
Inner Cut Out
Epoxy (Smooth and Legible)
Sandblasted (Fine Texture)
Dual Plating
Detailed Printing
Pop Out


Add importance and class to your design by presenting it with one of these fine presentation options.

Packaging and Presentation

Everything from velour pouches to elegant coin displays, we have the best options for showing off your new custom coin.
PVC Pouch
Plastic Presentation Box
Velour Pouch
Velour Box
Acrylic Embedment
Coin Stand

Why You'll Enjoy Making Custom
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